Welcome to Perfect Partner Training!  So, you’re riding a horse. Maybe you even have your own horse. Lucky you! Do you realize that the first time you rode him or led him -even if it was simply from the doorway of the barn to the corral -you also instantly gained a new role in life? You are now a horse trainer. Every time you interact with your horse, you’re training him. Every time you walk up to him in his stall or pasture or snap a lead to his halter, you’re teaching him something. Have us train your horse or… learn from us how to train your horse. With the proper knowledge Horse training is not difficult, when you learn to use the proper tools and techniques it can be a rewarding experience. Perfect Partner Training gets the best results using a cruelty-free style of horse training. Our Certified Trainer, Cara Rouse is certified by “Kathy Huggins a certified John Lyons trainer”. These techniques produce amazing results in a short period of time. We offer training services at your location or ours. We are available by the hour for specific problems or full training by the month. If you have an unbroken horse that needs to be broke or if you just need help with some problem areas like trailer loading we can help.  Please see our list of services and our sample training videos and photos on Page 2 of our website. Teaching you and your horse a new language for better communication.
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Specializing in: Un-broke Horse -Some people think training an un-broke horse is difficult and dangerous. But it doesn't have to be if you are using good methods. Training a green horse Trailer Loading Round pen work Ground Manners Barrels Jumping Lateral Movements Performance work (reining, dressage etc.)
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Cara Rouse grew up with horses from the young age of 8 in Southeastern Michigan. Learning both English and Western disciplines she began competing in local equestrian shows and earned herself many winning ribbons as well as a prestigious Reserved Grand Champion title. She has since traveled to Pennsylvania to train under Kathy Huggins. Cara is now a Certified Kathy Huggins Trainer (see Kathy Huggins Website www.kathyhuggins.com , Kathy Huggins is a Certified John Lyons Trainer). Cara has learned the cruelty-free style of horse training and she can teach you how to safely, confidently, and positively work with a horse. 35590 Pound Rd. Richmond, MI 48062 586.899.8845 www.facebook.com/ PerfectPartnerTraining
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